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Welcome to the ABC Homeopathy Forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals. It is just a forum and anybody can respond to any thread. Some people refer to people giving advice as doctor; this is intended to convey respect and should not be taken as evidence that a poster is a medical doctor.



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itchy scrotum possible folliculitis
hello experts I hope this finds you in the best of your health. i have an issue i have
calmlife 2021-07-14
24   calmlife an hour ago

pcos nadra
NADRA ... PCOS ... Irregular Periods ... Unwanted Hairs … Thyroid …
sherdil 2021-08-24
23   sherdil 6 hours ago

Please Anuj help /Posology/
Do you think a 10MK potency could give an aggravattion 3 weeks after starting the
Albert 2021-10-16
no replies yet

Multiple problem ( Kind attention Anuj Srivastava)
I am 75, male,very active, leading life with the following ailments. - Constant pain in

ranjandr 2021-04-02
69   anuj srivastava 15 hours ago

Severe bowel problems after total colectomy a few years ago and another surgery for hernia repair 1 year ago.
Hi, Does anyone takes new cases? I need help on treating my problems .If anyone is

liliant 2021-04-10
53   liliant 21 hours ago

3 years old baby diarrhea....
Hello Doctor, My 3 years old boy having loose stool with smell from today morning. since
mariz 2021-10-16
no replies yet

SLE / Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis : Attn: Simone / Anuj Srivastava
Hello, I am writing about my 20 year old daughter. I will give you her recent medical

venus0743 2021-09-26
27   venus0743 yesterday

Is Eyelid cleansing also suppression?
In Blepharitis we need to wipe off bacteria along the eyelashes. There are over the
atari2008 2021-10-15
1   anuj srivastava yesterday

Please help for Piles Remedy
Hi, I first encounter piles 9 years ago. Dr Kadwa in this forum recommended me Nux vomica
wiki7777 2021-10-15
1   anuj srivastava yesterday

dr. sadeq:yellow urine with prostatic fluid
dear doctor, i am 24 single male. from last six months my urine color is pale yellow,

rmbhyd 2010-01-20
52   Aryans Sen yesterday

4 year old night wakings
My 4 year old has slept through the night since a baby. Recently, I went back to work and
Kbrown 2021-10-14
1   anuj srivastava yesterday

BXO treatment...
Good morning, I was recently diagnosed with BXO. Right away the doctors want to start

Cloudbase 2010-05-08
484   gemini33 yesterday

Hair loss and excess body hair growth
I am facing Hairfall since 3 years. The new growth of hair falls out easily whenever I
Uerdoa 2021-10-15
no replies yet

Eye issue
Hello, Thank you for this forum and the information. What would be the best remedies for
maresp123 2021-10-14
no replies yet

Chronic Polyps and Suffocation
Dear Doctors My Neighbored named Mohan Lal, Age: 52, Weight: 90 Kgs, Profession:
sherdil 2021-09-30
6   sherdil 2 days ago

I am asian woman, 62 y.o., 158 cm tall and about 72 kg weight. Married. I am suffering

YellowTulip 2021-08-16
82   YellowTulip 2 days ago

Can anyone help me please?
Hello respected homeopaths, Please help me. I don’t know why I can’t
depression1 2021-08-02
22   Kaps 3 days ago

Multiple miscarriages
Iam looking for a doctor who can help me in my case Iam 45 years old, had 7

manaal 2021-08-24
49   Kaps 3 days ago

Retina damage w/some vision loss
Hello, Thank you for this forum and the information. What would be the best remedies
maresp123 2021-10-12
8   maresp123 3 days ago

Mother suffering Varicose Veins leg pain will homeo work or need surgery
Problem: Elderly Mother suffering with varicose veins. Tried hammamillis 30, pulsatilla

ariesboy 2021-02-18
54   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Bloating with weight gain, edema around ankles, GERD, anemia, low libido and bone spurs in toes
I am in my 40s with chronic hypothyroidism (after full thyroid removal), on thyroid meds,
vw123 2021-09-01
10   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Stomach ache
I am a 68 years aged female with a thin body structure of 48kg weight. I am diabetic
Sadhana Singh 2021-09-26
10   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Azoospermia Varicocele PLEASE HELP
Hello, We are a desperate couple who have tried to conceive for 2 years. We have now
Emilia 2018-09-19
13   Emilia 3 days ago

sound in head and clear salty pnd
Hi to the learned docs.. I am a 40 yr old male. I have had various kind of sound in my
Iamaize 2021-10-13
1   anuj srivastava 3 days ago