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Welcome to the ABC Homeopathy Forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals. It is just a forum and anybody can respond to any thread. Some people refer to people giving advice as doctor; this is intended to convey respect and should not be taken as evidence that a poster is a medical doctor.



Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine
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Mr. Anuj kindly - Aversion to work and bad mood lately
Hi again, I am just writing to ask for advice for myself as I am having some issues and
mercyann 2023-11-29
11   mercyann an hour ago

For JustSayin2 - Continuation of stomach and sinus issues
Hi, I was unable to log in yesterday and today and can no longer see the thread where you

ASmith2 2023-09-14
222   ASmith2 6 hours ago

Suggestion request
Before you can post to the forum, you need to confirm your email address by clicking the
amoraliz 2023-11-29
1   simone717 11 hours ago

Tooth problems
Hello, I have my 6 years old boy having problems with his new tooth growing. He has the
Izabouz 2023-11-30
1   anuj srivastava 14 hours ago

5 months boy, wakes every hour at night, restless legs on trying to go to sleep
Hi, I was so excited to find this website. maybe someone can help me with my 5 month
Hwill91 2023-11-29
1   anuj srivastava yesterday

Mental health issues with paranoia
Good evening, A case of a 39 year old woman who is displaying mental issues: - Paranoid
mercyann 2023-11-27
6   anuj srivastava yesterday

Frequent urination in Infant
An eleven months old female infant is suffering from frequent urination since her

lovely 2020-04-23
274   anuj srivastava yesterday

oily skin and hair fall
hi respected doctors I need your help.I am 23 year old male. I am suffered from hair
telep 2013-06-22
21   Noharmgoods yesterday

Excessive sweating on all over scalp/face and trunk.
I am suffering from excessive sweating(on head and trunk mostly) and this problem is
anand0913new 2023-11-16
16   anand0913new yesterday

What type of toothpaste?
When taking homeopathic meds, what type of toothpaste can be
soul123 2023-11-28
3   abhas yesterday

JustSayin2 - whats the next step?
Hi, I am not sure what happened to my post. But I followed your instruction and took the

soul123 2023-09-29
32   JustSayin2 yesterday

High blood pressure, help Anuj
My thread has been removed from the forum. Im starting a new thread to continue taking

Taryu 2023-09-15
65   anuj srivastava yesterday

Male angry temper
Hello, I am looking for kind suggestions for a 41 year old male who is struggling with
Sophrosyne 2023-11-27
9   anuj srivastava yesterday

Ok I am having issues for the past few months. The issue is that I get hemorrhoids when
hayderi 2023-11-28
3   anuj srivastava yesterday

Need Help Dr. Anuj
This is a follow up from deleted post. 39 year old male with the following symptoms.

Beax 2023-11-09
32   Beax 2 days ago

Cough and Mucus
Ok I have another issue aswelli have two kids and age 12 and 8. Both have occasional
hayderi 2023-11-28
2   hayderi 2 days ago

Reliable Source to Buy Taffic Tablets
Looking for a reliable source to buy Taffic tablets and other life saving medicines at an
Oddway 2023-11-28
no replies yet

Hi, I have a question on what may be the appropriate remedy for my presenting condition
Zara3 2023-11-09
13   HealthyWorld 2 days ago

Obsession with a particular person
I am a 40 year old male. I have recently noticed myself having obsessive thoughts about a
Chatran 2023-11-10
9   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

signs of ptsd
My friend agrees he has signs of PTSD and wants to be treated and a therapist suggested
vidyasankara 2023-11-27
4   vidyasankara 3 days ago

Which Ferrum 6c for anemia r/t tick borne disease Anaplasmosis?
Hello, I successfully used a Ferrum 6x or 6c remedy to save my dog that was dying of
Sarahndipity723 2023-11-27
3   JustSayin2 3 days ago

3 year boy easily catching cold (Mr. Anuj Srivastava)
My 3 year old boy easily catches cold. Current Condition. Nose blocked in night. Taking
Salman2010 2023-11-23
5   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Toothache with nerve pain that affect the inner ear
Hello, I had some dental work done, old filling that cracked and had to be replaced).
MPall 2023-11-26
3   JustSayin2 3 days ago

artesunate injection | Best Treat For Malaria
Artesunate injection 60 mg for malaria Malaria is a dangerous or life-threatening
elisa1212 2023-11-27
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