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Camphora - Modalities Etc

Camphor, Camphora Officinarum Camph.

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HPUS indication of Camphora : Coldness
Common symptom: Coldness ..

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Camphora in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), After rising, headache; on waking, headache in temples; on rising, discharge from nose; odor from mouth; nausea, etc.; stitch in hepatic region; on rising and walking, pain in ankle; on waking sensation of heart.

(Forenoon), Dry cough.

(Evening), The pains; headache over eye; when lying down, shivering, etc.; sensitiveness to cold, etc.

(Night), All symptoms; fearful, etc.; when alone, attacks of terror; cutting colic.

(Open air), lachrymation.

(Alcoholic drinks), Toothache.

(Coffee), Toothache; vomiting.

(Cold air), Toothache.

(Holding cold water in mouth), Toothache.

(In the dark), Fear.

(After acting), Throbbing of heart.

(Inspiration), Pain in side of abdomen.

(Leaning on the part), Pressure in right elbow-joint.

(Light), The symptoms.

(Lying down), Pain at base of brain.

(After lying down), Immediately, headache; itching.

(When lying on left side), Trembling of left chest; stitches in region of heart, etc.

(Motion), Most pains; pain in nape of neck; stitches in neck; drawing in cervical vertebrae; pain in thumb-joint; pain on the backs of the feet.

(Pressure), Pain at base of brain.

(During rest), Pressure, etc., on side of arms; pressure, etc., in legs.

(When sitting), Feeling in legs; heaviness etc., in knees; sensation in knee; pressure in knees.

(During sleep), Perspires greatly.

(During morning sleep), Headache in temples.

(When standing), Pain below ankle-bone.

(On stooping), Vertigo, etc.; pain at base of brain.

(Touch), Toothache.

(After walking), Pain in thighs.

(Writing), Trembling in hands.


Motion, cold, fresh air.

WORSE, motion, night, contact, cold air.



When half asleep


Nitric Acid Nit-ac

Mental exertion





(Afternoon), During walk in open air, dull headache.

(Open air), All symptoms.

(Beer), Toothache.

(During coition), Toothache ceases.

(Drinking cold water), Toothache.

(Motion), Tired feeling in arm.

(Scratching), Itching on hands.

(Profuse sweat), The symptoms.

(Tabacum Tobacco-smoking), Toothache.


Lying down, thinking of the pain.

BETTER, warmth.

Free discharges


Thinking of it

Desires and aversions

Neither appetite not thirst.

Drink pleases, yet has no thirst.

Burning thirst, drinks large quantities without relief.

Position etc

Every motion 40. Moving, head 31; arms 31; feet 33. Walking 2, 28, 31, 33. Bodily exertion 26. Standing 3. Stooping 2.

Morning 16. Forenoon 28. Night 1.