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Camphora - Relationships

Camphor, Camphora Officinarum Camph.

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HPUS indication of Camphora : Coldness
Common symptom: Coldness ..

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Camphora in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Compare: Carboneum Oxygenisatum Carbo; Cuprum Metallicum Cuprum; Arsenicum Album Arsenic; Veratrum Album Verat.


Complementary: Cantharis Canth.


Antidotes: Opium; Nit. Sp. Dulc.; Phosphorus Phos.


Incompatible: Kali-nit.


These are relationship sections of other remedies that refer to Camphora . Where the text is greyed out, a relationship with that remedy is already described above.

Agaricus Muscarius > antidotes
Antidote: Absinthium Absinth.; Coffea Tosta Coffea; Camphora Camphor.

Agnus Castus > compare
Compare: Selenium Selenium; Acid Phos Ph-ac.; Camphora Camphor; Lycopodium Lyc.

Ammonium Carbonicum > antidotes
Antidotes: Arnica Arnica; Camphora Camphor.

Arnica > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph. Agnus Castus Vitex Trifolia - Agnus Castus Indian Arnica ( Sprains and pains, headache in temples, pain in joints; pain in abdomen; pain in testicles.)

Belladonna > antidotes
Antidotes to Belladonna: Camphora Camph.; Coffea Cruda Coff.; Opium, Aconite Acon.

Berberis Vulgaris > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camphor; Belladonna Bell.

Bromium > antidotes
Antidotes: Ammonium Carbonicum Ammon. Carb.; Camphora Camph. Salt inhibits the action of Bromium.

Cactus Grandiflorus > antidotes
Antidotes: Aconite Acon.; Camphora Camph.; China China.

Calcarea Carbonica > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Ipecacuanha Ipec.; Nitric Acid Nit-ac.; Nux Vomica Nux.

> antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Lemon juice.

Cantharis > complementary
Complementary: Camphora Camph.

Cantharis > antidotes
Antidotes: Aconite Acon.; Camphora Camph.; Pulsatilla Puls.

Carbo Vegetabilis > antidotes
Antidotes: Spirits Nitre; Camphora Camph.; Ambra Grisea Ambra; Arsenicum Album Arsenic.

Chamomilla > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Nux Vomica Nux; Pulsatilla Puls.

Chininum Sulphuricum > compare
Compare: Chin. salicyl ( Deafness, tinnitus, and Meniere’s disease.) Arsenicum Album Ars.; Eupat.; Methyl blue. Camphora Camphor mono-bromide (is said to intensify the action of Quinine and render it more permanent.) Baja, an East Indian drug, (said to be almost infallible in intermittent fever, quartan type; pulsating headache injected eyes, flushed face. Liver and spleen enlarged. Oedema. Also Pambotano, Mexican remedy for intermittent and tropical fevers.)

Cina > antidotes
Antidote; Camphora Camph.; Capsicum Annuum Caps.

Clematis Erecta > antidotes
Antidotes: Bryonia Bryon.; Camphora Camph.

Coffea Cruda > incompatible
Incompatible: Camphora Camph.; Cocculus Indicus Coccul.

Colchicum Autumnale > antidotes
Antidotes: Thuja Thuja; Camphora Camph.; Cocculus Indicus Coccul.; Nux Vomica Nux; Pulsatilla Puls.

Crotalus Horridus > antidotes
Antidote: Lachesis Lach.; Alcohol. Radiant heat; Camphora Camphor.

Cuprum Metallicum > antidotes
Antidotes: Belladonna Bell.; Hep Sulph Calc Hepar; Camphora Camph. Cuprum Metallicum is found in Dulcamara Dulcamara., Staphysagria Staphisag., Conium Mac Conium and some other plants. Also in king-crab (Limulus).

Digitalis Purpurea > antidotes
Antidotes; Camphora Camph.; Serpentaria.

Dioscorea Villosa > antidotes
Antidotes: Chamomilla Chamom.; Camphora Camph.

Drosera Rotundifolia > antidotes
Antidote: Camphora Camph.

Dulcamara > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Cuprum Metallicum Cupr.

> antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Opium.

Euphrasia Officinalis > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Pulsatilla Puls.

Helleborus Niger > antidotes
Antidote: Camphora Camphor; China Cinch.

Heloderma > compare
Compare: Lacerta - Green Lizard (skin eruptions. Vesicles under tongue. Increased mental acumen. Difficult swallowing. Constant accumulation of saliva in the mouth. Nausea; Violent pressure in stomach). Camphora Camphor; Lachesis Lachesis.

Hydrocyanicum Acidum > compare
Compare: Cicuta Virosa Cicuta; Oenanthe Crocata Oenanthe; Camphora Camph.; Laurocerasus Lauroc.

Hydrocyanicum Acidum > antidotes
Antidotes: Ammon.; Camphora Camph.; Opium.

Hyoscyamus Niger > antidotes
Antidotes: Belladonna Bell.; Camphora Camph.

Jalapa > compare
Compare: Camphora Camph.; Colcy.

> compare
Compare: Camphora Camph.; Veratrum Album Verat.; Gamboge.; Croton Tiglium Croton.; Jatropha urens - Sponge-nettle - (oedema and cardiac paresis).

Kali Carbonicum > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Coffea Tosta Coffea.

Laurocerasus > compare
Compare: Hydrocyanicum Acidum Hydrocy-ac.; Camphora Camphor; Secale Cornutum Secale; Ammonium Carbonicum Ammon. Carb.; Ambra Grisea Ambra.

Lycopodium > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Pulsatilla Puls.; Causticum Caust.

Magnesia Muriatica > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Chamomilla Cham.

Menyanthes > antidotes
Antidote: Camphora Camph.

> antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Coffea Cruda Coff.

Natrum Carbonicum > antidotes
Antidote: Arsenicum Album Ars.; Camphora Camph.

Nux Moschata > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Gelsemium Sempervirens Gels.; Valeriana Valer.

> antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Op.

Oleander > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Sulphur Sulph.

Ranunculus Bulbosus > antidotes
Antidotes: Bryonia Bry.; Camphora Camph.; Rhus Tox Rhus.

Rheum > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Chamomilla Cham.

Ruta Graveolens > antidotes
Antidote: Camphora Camph.

Sambucus Nigra > antidotes
Antidotes: Arsenicum Album Ars.; Camphora Camph.

Secale Cornutum > antidotes
Antidotes: Camphora Camph.; Opium.

Staphysagria > antidotes
Antidote: Camphora Camph.

Tabacum > compare
Compare: Hydrobromic acid; Camphora Camph.; Veratrum Album Verat.; Arsenicum Album Ars.

Tabacum > antidotes
Antidote: Vinegar; sour apples. Camphora Camphor in the physiologicla antagonist. Arsenicum Album Ars ( chewing tobacco); Ignatia Ign.; (smoking); Sepia Sep ( neuralgia and dyspepsia); Lycopodium Lycop ( Impotency); Nux Vomica Nux (bad taste due to tobacco); Caladium Seguinum Calad. AND Plantago Major Plan Tag ( Cause aversion to tobacco); Phosphorus Phosph ( Tobacco heart, sexual weakness).

Thuja > antidotes
Antidotes: Merc Viv Merc.; Camphora Camph.; Sabina Sabin ( Warts).

Veratrum Album > relationships
Compare: Veratrinum - alkaloid from seed of Sabadilla Sabadilla. - (electric pains, electric shocks in muscles, fibrillary twitchings); Cholos terrapina (cramps in calves); Camphora Camph.; Cuprum Metallicum Cupr.; Arsenicum Album Ars.; Cuprum Arsenicosum Cuprum Ars ( Intermittent, cold, clammy sweat); narcissus poeticus (gastro-enteritis with much griping and cutting pain in bowels. Fainting, trembling, cold limbs, small and irregular pulse); Trichosanthes - (diarrhoea, pain in liver, dizziness after every stool); Agaric. Emetic ( Vertigo; longing for ice-cold water; burning pains in stomach); Agaric Phalloides (cholera, cramps in stomach, cold extremities, urine suppressed). Veratrine (Increased vascular tension. It relaxes it and stimulates the elimination of toxins by skin, kidneys, and liver).

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