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Secale Cornutum - Genitals Etc symptoms - H.C. Allen

Claviceps Purpurea, Ergot, Secale, Secal, Secale cereale, Sec.

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HPUS indication of Secale Cornutum: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Secale Cornutum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Retention of urine; urine pale or bloody; discharge of thick black blood from kidneys; obscuration of sight.


Hematuria in a boy suffering from suppuration of the glands of neck after scarlet fever; urine also very albuminous, anasarca; great thirstfont

Passive hemorrhage; blood thin; blood corpuscles wanting in consequence of dissolution; or painless discharge of thick black blood in consequence of kidney disease; coldness of body; cold perspiration on forehead; great weaknessfont


Urine suppressed; on introducing catheter a gill of dark, prune colored urine passed, which appeared to be full of gritty sediment emitting a very disagreeable odor.

Unsuccessful urging to urinate.

Ischuria paralytica.

Paralysis of bladderfont

Enuresis old people; pale, watery or bloody urinefont

Urinary deposit looking like white cheese.

Bloody, albuminous urinefont

Discharge of thick black blood from bladder; kidney affectionsfont

Urine increased in quantity, lighter color, passed more frequently, especially at night.

Milky on standing a short time.

Pressure in bladder at nightp


Clonic spasmodic stricture of urethrap


After lightness in occiput, violent dragging in spermatic cord causing sensation as if testicle were being drawn up to inguinal ring.


Uterus about an inch from labia inferiora, membrane around it felt hard, while rest of mucous membrane of vagina was very much relaxed and gathered in a fold at lower partfont

Dreadful bearing down, dragging out feeling in lower abdomen, so that her life is almost unbearable; every four or five days profuse, thick, yellow discharge from vagina; hesitation in urinating; rheumatismfont

Gangrene of whole vaginal mucous membrane; on holding apart the labiae this membrane was found of a dark slate color, emitting the characteristic odorfont

Vagina hot or cool.

Discharge from vagina almost black, fluid and very fetidfont

Cessation of lochia, with fever; inflammation of uterus, subsequently an abscess opened through vaginafont


Uterus and right ovary much congested, very sensitive to touch.

Pain in ovaries and uterusfont

Pains of an expulsive character in uterus.

Prolonged bearing down and forcing pains in uterus thin and scrawny subjects.

Burning pains in grealty distended uterus, which felt hard and was painful to touch.

Uterine ulcers feels as if burnt, discharge putrid, bloody fluidfont

Partial prolapsus uterus for of eight months after a forceps delivery; dysuria; sense of weight over pubes as if contents of abdomen would fall forwardfont

Uterine hemorrhage, flow passive, dark and may be offensive; tingling or formication all over body, holds her fingers spread asunder, asks to have her limbs rubbed; finally lies unconscious and coldfont

Uterine hemorrhage; did not wish to be covered, desired windows to be open, though room was very cold and surface of body like a corpse.

An excessive menstrual flow every two weeks, lasting seven to nine days; for last four weeks flow is continuous; very weak and thin; has severe pains in loins and uterine region; bearing down pains as if in laborfont

Menstrual colic; pains so severe as to frequently cause spasms; uterine region very sensitive to touch; high fever; pains better when flow appearsfont

Uterus prolapsed; region sore to touch.

After abortus; difficult contraction of uterus; thin, black, foul-smelling dischargefont

Retained placenta, after miscarriage, especially when occurring during early months of pregnancy; offensive discharges; patient cold and often almost pulseless from loss of blood; uterine contractions very imperfect, or else prolonged tonic contractionfont

During eighth month of pregnancy violent convulsions with frothing at mouth, etc. followed by variable spasms; insensibility and clonic spasms, worse at every pain; on return of consciousness complained of dull frontal and occipital headache and incessant uterine painsfont

Uterine pains prolonged but ineffectualfont

A sensation of constant tonic pressure in uterine region; causes great distress; desires fresh air; does not like to be coveredfont

During labor; prolonged bearing-down and forcing pain in uterus; pains irregular; pains too weak; pains feeble, or ceasing; everything seems loose and open, no action; fainting fitsfont

Strength of uterus weakened by too early or perverted effortsfont

Thin, scrawny women, skin shriveled, dry and harsh, sallow face, weak in labour; pains seem to be entirely wanting; uterus flabby; bearing down in sacral region, a sort of prolonged urging feeling in abdomenfont

Post-partum hemorrhage, with relaxation of uterus, only temporarily relieved by compression after pain excessive, worse when child nursedfont

Violent after-pains with hemorrhage arising from irregular contractions; the longitudinal fibres alone contracting in such a manner as to leave a sulcus in middle, making it appear as if uterus were split open from top to bottomfont

Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies from uterus.


After sexual excess palpitation of heart.

Weak memory after exhausting coition; impotencefont

Prolapsus of three months' standing; frequent severe cutting pains in abdomen; occasional nausea


Incessant metrorrhagiafont

Chronic passive hemorrhagefont

Metrorrhagia; relaxed condition of body; depressed, anxious state of mind; unusual drowsiness by day; gush of thin black blood on least movement of body; general feeling of prostration; diminished temperature of body; wooden, numb feeling in lower extremitiesfont

Painless flooding in feeble, cachectic, dyscratic woman, or such as have long resided in tropical climatesfont

Menstrual blood; thin and black, lumpy or brown fluid and of disgusting smell.

Menstrual colic; pale face; coldness of limbs; cold sweat; small, suppressed pulse; tearing, cutting pains in abdomenfont

Leucorrhea in thin, scrawny women, with prolapsus uteri; green, brown, offensive; like cream, from weakness and venous congestionfont

Ulcers on outer genitals, discolored and rapidly spreading.

Flow bright red and coagulable; many clots.

Offensive in odor; a cold cadaverous smell.

Flow easy, abundant, painless and entirely without clot.

Passed a membrane.

Continuous exercise stopped it on the second day, but no backache, headache or other disagreeable symptoms appeared in consequence.

The flow is usually attended with uneasy feelings and is always greatly clotted.

Genital organs feels as if full of hot blood, pressed to their utmost capacity.

The surface did not burn, but felt as though blood-vessels were filled with hot blood.

Secale Cornutum condition continued for weeks.

Second month, four days too soon, flow darker than customary and offensive, but not clotted; lasts two days longer and is too profuse but not weakening.

Flow darker, much more profuse (formerly profuse for one day only) but this lasted four days.

Considerable clottingp

Pregnancy. Parturition. Lactation

Arrested development of fetus.

Discharge of blood during pregnancy.

Extremely violent pains, almost without intermission, she seemed to be in the last stage of labor, but on examination os was found about the size of a half dollar, thick and somewhat rigidfont

Extremely violent pressing labor pains, os, however, being only about as large as a ten cent piece; hysterical convulsionsfont

When advanced about seven and a half months in pregnancy was taken with labor pains, wriggling and not distinctly intermitting; os tincae open, and about size of a shilling; dullness and sight aching of head; despondentfont

Prone to abortion in third month; had passed through five, although she kept her bed as soon as pregnant; some labor pains with bloody discharge; was able to attend to her household durties and went to full termfont

After lifting a heavy weight during sixth months of pregnancy severe pains in stomach, abdomen and small of back and a pushing-down sensation; violent movements of fetus; cold feet; numbness and tingling in feet; small, weak pulsefont

Premature labor.

During pregnancy frequent and prolonged forcing pains, particularly in thin, ill-conditioned women; cramps in calvesfont

Hour-glass contractionfont

While the head was passing in lower strait, she was suddenly seized with violent convulsions lasting about three or four minutes, followed by a stupid state with stertorous breathing and uneasy moaning as if from painfont

Labor ceases, and twitchings or convulsions beginfont

Puerperal convulsions with opisthotonosfont

Retained placenta, with constant, strong bearing-down in abdomen, or with relaxed feeling of partsfont

After-pains; too long and too painfulfont

Fever with frequent watery stoolsfont

Puerperal fever.

Strong tendency to putrescence; discharge of sanious blood, with tingling in legs and great prostration; urine suppressed; offensive diarrhea; voice hollow with difficult breathing, feeble and inaudible; burning fever interrupted by shaking chills, does not care to be covered; cold limbs; cold sweat over whole body; gangrenefont

Suppression of milk; the milk will not flow from the breastfont

Lack of milk with much stinging in mammaefont

In women who are much exhausted from venous hemorrhage; thin scrawny women; the breasts do not properly fill with milkfont

Thin, scrawny children with shriveled skin; spasmodic twitchings, sudden cries, feverishness.

Pendulous abdomen.

Married woman, aged 25, had severe pain in the pelvic region; great bearing-down, excruciating rectal and vesical tenesmus; restless sleep, high fever, and heavily-coated tongue.

Subperitoneal haematocele was diagnosed in consultation.

Voice and Larynx. Trachea and Bronchia

Voice; hollow, hoarse, with difficult breathing; feeble and inaudible; weak, unintelligible, stammeringfont

Thickening of mucous membrane of air passages.

Lungs during chill felt as though respiration fanned airp


Metritis; tendency to putrescence; inflammation caused by suppression of lochia or menses; discharge of thin black blood, a kind of sanies with tingling in legs and great debility. Metritisfont

Menses too profuse and lasting too long; with tearing and cutting colic, cold extremities, cold sweat, great weakness and small pulse; or with violent spasmsfont

Menses irregular; every four weeks for three to four days, copious dark-red fluid discharge of blood, with pressing, labor-like pains in abdomen; constipation; pressure in occiput; afterward continuous discharge of watery blood, until next periodfont

Suppression of menses with pain.

Sharp pains in left ovarian region, week before menses.

Menses a week too soon (always regular before to a day).

Before the menses (four or five days) a dark colored leucorrhea was observed, not very profuse, but with a very uneasy feeling about the pelvis.

Menses appeared very profuse, lasting for ten days, but only profuse for the first three or four days, accompanied by a great deal of pain and an uneasy sore feeling (more than usual), and a dull headache during entire proving, especially in forehead and eyes.

Catamenia occurred on time.

Period ceased (fifth day), having been entirely free from discomfort.

At second period the flow was of good color, rather fluid, a few clots.

Next period appeared at proper time "with few premonitory symptoms", but with a feeling all day as if I must keep still or have the flow checked.

In four days menses ceased.

(During the spring months of the past two years have passed membranes at the monthly period, but never before in consecutive months).

Leucorrhea the week before, discharge like white of egg (many times daily), changed just before menses to a yellowish offensive discharge; irritating; relieved by bathing parts in cold water.

After menses sharp pains in uterus and pelvic region, with dragging, bearing down sensation, and aching across small of back.

Menses one week too soon, too profuse, and what is very unusual, attended with much bearing, pressing down pain.

Vertigo at the time of the menses with pain and heaviness in the pelvis for a week before the menses.

Unusual amount of pain and heaviness in pelvis for a week before menses.

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