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Secale Cornutum - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Claviceps Purpurea, Ergot, Secale, Secal, Secale cereale, Sec.

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HPUS indication of Secale Cornutum: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Secale Cornutum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Exhalations from the skin, of a vinous odor (fifth day),

Exhalations from the skin fetid (second day),

Desquamation of the whole body three times, in a girl,

The epidermis begins to loosen from the affected parts,

Skin soft, flabby,

Skin dry, rough,

Dry and withered appearance of skin,

The skin, which in general was inclined to perspiration, was constantly quite dry,

Dryness of the skin, with no trace of perspiration,

Skin dry and cool,

The capillary action of the skin was remarkably slow, a portion of the skin deprived of its blood, by pressure with the finger, being a long time in recovering its color,

Capillary action very slow,

Capillaries of the skin appear to be empty (seventh day); more blood in the surface veins (ninth day),

Skin dry and of a muddy-yellow hue (second and third days),

Skin discolored,

Skin had a yellowish tint,

Skin everywhere deep red,

Skin of a roseate hue,

The whole skin assumes a leaden hue, shrinks and wrinkles, and becomes insensible,

The skin of the affected parts becomes leaden-colored and wrinkled, the vessels disappear, the parts gradually become numb and lose all sensibility, so that she can be cut and pricked without pain, or without blood flowing from the wounds,

Petechial exanthema and furuncles on the lower limbs; outer parts of the limbs, especially the fingers, turn dark blue, become gangrenous and died altogether; the gangrene rapidly extended over other parts of the body, was not confined to fleshy parts but affected the bone, so that often the gangrenous parts fell off,




A slight eruption on the skin changing to gangrene, first on the toes and fingers, then rapidly extending over the arms and lower extremities,

Gangrenous blisters,

Various eruptions on the skin,

Large ecchymoses,

Blood ulcers,

Eruption of livid spots over the body,

Spots on the face,

Boils on the neck, discharging a yellow matter, with burning pain,

Boils on the neck,

A painless blister on the left index finger, as large as a nut, that opens and discharges ichor; the base of the sore is blackish; all the fingers are insensible,

Spots like fleabites, on the feet, lasting eight weeks,


Pains in the skin,


The whole course of the disease was accompanied by formication of the feet and other symptoms characteristic of ergotismus,

Formication, with a sense as if mice were creeping under the skin,

Formication on the face, gum, and other parts of the body,

Formication in the extremities, with tearing-stinging pains,

Formication on the arms, legs, and face,

Formication of the extremities,

Formication, not only in the fingers, but over the whole body,

Formication in the tips of the fingers, lasting several weeks, with a partial loss of sensibility,

Crawling and formication over the whole body,

Crawling all over the body (first day),

Crawling between the skin and flesh,

Jerking crawling under the skin,

Sensation as of something creeping under the skin,

Sensation of crawling becoming greatly increased, so painful that the patient cried aloud and could rest in no position,

Crawling and creeping in the skin,

Violent crawling and prickling over the whole body, especially on the upper lip, and at times all about the mouth,

Crawling and creeping,

Crawling and insensibility extending even into the forearms,

Violent crawling in the hands and feet,

Crawling sensation, as of formication, or as if the limb were stiffened by cold or were asleep, as if it had been insensible and sensation were returning with returning warmth; this is especially noticed in the fingers and toes, or often over the whole body, also on the tongue, which is then painful,

Crawling in the tips of the fingers, hands, neck, and other parts,

Crawling in the hands and feet,

A burning, torpid, prickly sensation over the whole surface, with much difficulty in moving the extremities, accompanied by a sensation like that produced in a limb by pressure on the trunk of a nerve, when we say that the limb is asleep (first day),

Fine stitches, here and there, in the skin, disappearing on scratching, soon returning; the places scratched were affected for a long time by a disagreeable warmth,

Itching all over the body (sixth day); so as to cause the patient to tear her skin (eighth day),

Distressing itching on the lower extremities, like formication,

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