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Phenol, Pheno.

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Phenolum

Carb-ac > general
Carbolic Acid. Phenol. Monoxy Benzine. Phenic Acid. Phenyl Alcohol. C6H5 OH. Solution in rectified spirit.

Sal-ac > general
Salicylic acid. C6H4(OH).CO.OH. Found in Spiraea blossoms, Gaultheria, &c. Artificially prepared from Phenol. Trituration.

Salo > general
Salicylate of Phenol. C6H4 OH

Carb-ac > appendix
Acidum carbolicum, Phenol, Monoxybenze, Phenyl-alcohol. C6H5OH. Preparation, Solution in alcohol.

Sal-ac > appendix
Artificially prepared from Phenol.

Sal-ac > general
that the ingenuity of chemists has been devoted for years past to finding a compound which shall be innocent as well as effective. Aspirin (Acetyl-salicylic acid), Salophen (Acetyl-para-amidophenol salicylate), and Salol (Phenol salicylate), are supposed to fulfil these conditions more or less completely. Salol has had an accidental proving which has led to some homoeopathic uses. It is the "unpleasant symptoms" which so many practitioners wish to avoid, which are of especial value to homoeopaths. Like Carbolic acid and other disinfectants, Sal. ac. produces fermentative dyspepsia, and diarrhoea with putrid-smelling stools, and it meets dynamically blood-poisoning conditions, such as puerperal fever and septicaemia. Hering says "Pieces of spongy bone become soft as leather in a few days when placed in a 1/2 per cent. solution, while compact bone tissues are very slowly softened.

Salo > general
very sparingly, if at all, in water. It does not disturb digestion because it passes through the stomach unaltered, being decomposed in the duodenum, by the ferments of the pancreas, into Salicylic acid and Phenol (it contains 38 per cent. of Phenol). These are excreted by the kidneys, and the condition of intestinal digestion has been estimated by the length of time required, after the ingestion of Salol, for them to appear in the urine. Upon this property also has been based the use of the remedy in acute diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, and other diseases where intestinal asepsis is indicated, and also in affections of the bladder and urethra as a substitute for ordinary mechanical irrigations and injections. Its internal use in gonorrhoea (in 5-gr. doses three times a day) has met with much success (Helbing). The only proving of, Salol (published by me, H. W., xxxiii. 118) was made incidentally on a chemist from making up powders of Salol. He experienced very severe symptoms from inhaling the odour, and possibly also some of the powder. The experience was repeated on more than one occasion, and I have confirmed most of the symptoms in practice, using the 12th attenuation chiefly. Rheumatic pains in joints with soreness and stiffness were marked, especially pain and soreness in the buttocks, knees, and wrists. The prover was subject to headaches, but he never had so violent a headache as that produced by Salol, and conversely, after the proving, Salol 12 immediately relieved him when threatened with one of his usual headaches. The first symptom he noted was that his urine smelt of violets.