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About ABC Homeopathy

About ABC HomeopathyABC Homeopathy started with the introduction of the remedy finder, way back in August 2001. The remedy finder began as a personal project. Initially the site was not commmercial - we had no shop, and no ads. However, as the site has grown in popularity, it has needed more and more resources, and making it profitable was the only way to make it self sustaining.
The result, as it stands, has been very enthusiastically received, and I've received much gratifying praise and thanks from both professional homeopaths and the general public.

Changes, and new features on the site have largely been introduced at the request of our visitors, and if there is anything you'd like to see, please let us know through the contact form.

The online software, is also available as the remedy finder on your site under licence.

This site and business are in no way connected with Lau Scientific's PC based homeopathic remedy finder.

About the homeopathy database

Our homeopathic remedy finder database is a presentation of Kent's Repertory. The most notable thing on exploring it is the fabulous depth and precision of observation on which it is based.

There are around 65,000 symptoms and 650 remedies itemized. The repertory has been substantially rearranged and reworded to make it more suitable for the application of homeopathic software. Please feel free to examine the complete repertory listing or the materia medica.

Materia medica is from multiple sources and are colour coded. Click LINKS (on a mobile) or 'Sections and sources' (on a desktop) for the key to the sources.

In the future, the repertory may be added to (or even subtracted from) to incorporate more recent research than Kent's provings. This facility is not yet available because of the difficulty in validating modern provings.

We hope that the product of this labour is that anyone can quickly and easily find the right remedy for their symptoms; if you have a suggestion to make this easier, or if you experience difficulties, please Contact ABC Homeopathy

Who are we

ABC Homeopathy is a trading name of Influenca Ltd, registered in England number 04232835. This site is not the work of a medical expert.